We need volunteers to help us run our four service areas. Click on each heading for more information about each service and whether it’s one afternoon a year or ten hours a week, we’ll take any help you can give us!

We need help setting up the night before the Expo and then the whole day of the Expo. Jobs include checking tickets, providing assistance at the Information table, directing crowds, selling AHWB Association products, helping exhibitors during the day, taking photos, keeping kids busy in the “Fun Zone” room, and so much more! Be a part of one of the biggest event for our autism and wider community.


If you really “get” what autism is all about because you know someone with autism or you have autism related qualifications – then you may be perfectly suited to be a Helpmate for people we place in a job! The work is very easy – you just need to be at the workplace for the person with autism in case they need a break, or if they forget the next step in their job and you may need to help guide them. There may be some people with autism that will want to leave the workplace if they are overwhelmed and may not tell their employer that they are leaving- you will have to guide them in this area. Many of the adults we place into jobs have NEVER been employed previously – both the employee we place and the employer need support and that’s where we can help. This new and innovative model of placing people with autism in jobs will only work if we have people on the ground to help. Most jobs we place people are only two or three hours a week – we need Helpmates that can make those couple of hours each week. Can you spare two hours a week?


Are you passionate about helping the community understand what autism means? Do you have a training/teaching background? Then the Autism Friendly Place  (AFP) Program needs a person like you! We need you to help us roll out the AFP Program to stores and businesses across Australia. The AFP Program is much more than raising awareness – it is all about helping retail stores, cafes/restaurants/other organisations change the way they operate for people with autism. Whether it be by lowering store music, or a cafe worker offering a glass of water to a carer if they look overwhelmed – the changes happening may seem small, but are enormous for someone with autism or a carer. You may have a local store or cafe where you could carry out the training – we will provide you with training so you know what to do. If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, neighbour, sibling, friend of someone with autism – you will know how important this program is. Please contact us no matter where you are in Australia if you have just one morning or one afternoon free a year – we will welcome you with open arms!


Social Stories were first developed by Carol Gray and we, at the AHWB Association, use this concept loosely to provide information on a trip or outing to one of our Autism Friendly Places. Carers can download stories before visiting an AFP to help prepare the person with autism to help lower anxiety and stress about the outing. There are some Social Stories written for some AFP’s and you can take look by visiting the AFP Program page by clicking here and scrolling through the list in the table shown. We need help writing Social Stories so if you are familiar with this concept, or think you can have a go – then let us know!



If you love to fundraise and have experience in this area we need to hear from you! All funds raised will go towards establishing AHWB Centres in every capital city in Australia and to keep our other services running. Some jobs can be done from home if you have a computer and internet access, other jobs include selling AHWB Association Inc. products at community events. It’s fun, easy and you will be making a big difference for children, teenagers and adults with autism.


Contact us if you have ideas on other ways you can volunteer with us. We are all in this together!


Please complete the volunteer form below and we will contact you within 48 hours upon receipt of your form.

Thank you!



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