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Memberships help keep the AHWB Association up and running whilst providing you with:

  • a twice yearly newsletter on autism related topics such as: services, employment and news on the AHWB Association’s activities
  • discounted entry to AHWB Association Information sessions held throughout the year
  • free entry to selected AHWB Association Information sessions held throughout the year
  • an AHWB Association Membership Card that can be used in conjunction with the “Autism Friendly Place (AFP) Program”.
    Note: these are not discount cards. The AHWB Association Membership Card is a card  you can show to businesses/organisations (that display the Autism Friendly Place sign) for support if you are feeling overwhelmed and need a quiet space or to be served more quickly. There are different levels of support offered by each AFP and check out all the information on the AFP Program by clicking here.

Individual/Family Concession: $25 per year
Individual/Family: $30 per year

Business/Other Organisations Memberships:
Membership via the “Autism Friendly Place” Program. Click here to go to the AFP Program
Sponsor/Partner with us by clicking here

As per costs above

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Code of Conduct

The AHWB Association is a peaceful one, with the sole intent on providing our four main services. Many people volunteer long work hours behind the scenes for children, teenagers and adults with autism.

    By becoming a member, you agree that:

  • if any of our services exceeds your expectations and you are very happy – let the world know! If there is ever a situation where any of our services do not live up to your expectations then let us know by contacting
  • you will not post any negative experiences on any of our Autism Friendly Places on social media or other public forums. This could bring the program down and discourage businesses from taking part. By becoming a member you agree to telling us at the AHWB Association Inc so that we can work with the place and improve services for our autism community.
  • as a member, you will use the feedback procedure when required, about an Autism Friendly Place and it can be found by clicking here
  • we cannot stop negative social media posts about our AHWB Association, but please understand that we would prefer you to be more constructive in helping us improve our processes and operations by telling us directly. Many of the initiatives we are undertaking are bold and new concepts. We are entering new territory in educating the community by way of our Autism Friendly Program and Employment Service etc. We may indeed make some mistakes along the way. But, we are all in this together so do contact us (instead of the world) if you ever have any complaints about our services. Thank you for your understanding.
  • by becoming a member, you have read the Disclaimer/Terms and Conditions (available by clicking here)


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